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Why People use wordpress and How to install?

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WordPress is publishing and blogging platform as cms, one of the best cms used on the internet world. WordPress gives lots of functions, features, and plugins to modify anything you want.

For anybody who has sought out a CMS system before, they shall understand how complex it is to look for a simple CMS that not only works, but is not filled with fatal error bugs or messages.

What are The Features of WordPress

  • Compared to other CMS, a straightforward user interface is provided by the WordPress system. Many components of a website can be changed from the WordPress dashboard without knowing a relative line of the code. Content, images, pages, articles and different other features could be changed and edited quickly fairly.
  • WordPress is user-friendly completely. Many CMS are touted for a variety of features they offer, however they are the more complex. However, adapting to WordPress is simpler and no support is necessary.
  • WordPress includes a vast internet library of templates and plugins. The appearance and feel of a WordPress website could be changed through the use of templates. There are several decent free templates obtainable online which can be easily downloaded. Particular components can be put into the WordPress platform through the use of plugins. A simple search can yield a myriad of templates and plugins that can be utilized on WordPress.
  • WordPress users have nothing at all to get worried about even if indeed they finish up facing some issues while establishing the WordPress platform. WordPress has a tight-knit and strong community that is willing to help one another out always. All that must be done is to consider answers to any relevant issue by owning a simple search.
  • The biggest advantage of using WordPress as a CMS is that it’s free and nothing needs to be paid. The just time users may need to spend money is if indeed they choose to use a custom WordPress template.
  • Lastly, the good thing on the subject of WordPress is that it’s a CMS platform that’s with the capacity of changing as your business evolves. The platform works for about every user due to its large dedicated online community just. The limitations of WordPress are pushed to the farthest level by these individuals, this means users are given with a platform that evolves to meet up their expectations and needs.

As promised, WordPress can be installed as a CMS in less than 5 minutes, especially if you pay attention to the following simple steps:

  1. First, the WordPress package will have to be downloaded and unzipped.
  2. Next, a database on the web account or server for WordPress, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges to access and modify it will have to be created.
  3. The wp-config-sample.php file will have to be renamed to wp-config.php.
  4. Next the WordPress files will have to be uploaded in the desired location on the web server:
  5. Finally, the wp-admin/install.php should be accessed in a web browser in order to run the WordPress installation.

After successful installation, you will have to access wp-admin by login address like www.yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php so now you have to secure WordPress after installation.

Secure WordPress

Use these Plugins

  • Limit access
  • Functional Isolation
  • Backups
  • Stay Up-to-Date
  • Trusted Sources
  • Security Updates¬†Themes
  • Update Regularly

Limit access: Decrease the number of people who’ve administrative usage of your WordPress site to the very least. You should reduce the number of possible entry factors to the very least also. You can certainly do this by only setting up web applications that you’ll require and use. Remove any kind of unused themes and plugins.

These follow the basic principle of least privilege and logical and administrative handles to greatly help preserve confidentiality, availability, and integrity.

That’s it wordpress installation completed. Now Enjoy and publish the first article.

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